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Meet the Staff

Our School Adults

Miss Ring 


Mrs Gardner

Deputy Head

Mrs Swinbank

Assistant Head


Year 5/6

Mrs Auger Mrs Welch Mr Larder Mrs Emmerson


Year 3/4

Mrs Sims Miss Partington Mrs Lawson Miss Stubbs
Mrs Shields Mrs Ellwood Mrs Coates Mr Lowes


Year 1/2

Mrs Swinbank Mrs Wilford Mrs Heyes Mrs Ellwood Mrs Hodgson Mrs Fothergill Miss Yarker Mrs Sisson


Foundation Stage

Miss Burrell Mrs Bradshaw Miss Milne Miss Bradley Mrs Mason


Learning Mentors

Mrs Ketley Mrs Morton Mrs Rawdin



Mrs Pollard Mrs Kearney Mrs Pick Mrs Hunter Mrs Walker


Caretaking and Road Safety

Mr Moore






Suzi Joey Rizz Fiona Hayley



Dinner Ladies

Miss Kipling Mrs Brain Mrs Griffin Mrs Cham  Mrs Lawson Mrs Heron Mrs Caygill Mrs Sisson