EYFS – Ribblesdale, Swaledale

EYFS@RMS Curriculum

Here at EYFS@RMS, we use the below documents to structure our planning processes and to assess our outcomes.

However, our curriculum is much broader and more balanced. It is derived from the children’s own lines of enquiry, context, culture, engagement level and needs. We match a wide range of engaging texts to each week’s theme. Our curriculum planning incorporates seasonal changes and also celebrations from across our wonderfully diverse global communities. All of our rich curriculum content is underpinned by being planned very much ‘in the moment’, to maximise learning opportunities ‘for all’.

What is ‘In the Moment Planning’?

In the moment planning is an approach where we as an early years setting plan a topic spontaneously based on what a child is interested in ‘in that moment’.  The system is all about completing the planning cycle in the actual moment instead of planning in advance. We provide a mix of child and adult initiated learning through play opportunities. Our advance planning works as a projection, based on what the current week has presented. It is a working document; responsive and therefore subject to sudden changes in direction of inquiry based learning as appropriate!


Our environment stimulates curiosity and enables each child to engage in activities without being directed by an adult. Each activity area is equipped with all necessary provision that allows our children to learn or practice a new skill, depending on the age range and requirements of the children in each indoor or outdoor classroom. It enables curiosity, investigation and small or large scale, alone or together, quiet or busy play.


Children choose what they would like to play with. Rather than stepping in to direct them towards an activity, we observe the child closely and follow their lead.  When we do join the children’s play, we make sure we display curiosity and enthusiasm in what they are doing and engage them with open-ended questions, steering them towards conversations, rich in new vocabulary.

Next Steps

We aim to identify when there is a teaching opportunity so we can gently join the play and increase learning, tailored to that child’s next step of development. We seek to do this through open questioning, narration of processes, modelling of thinking and enabling positive outcomes for the child. We also know when to stand back and observe, allowing the child to discover their own chosen learning path and come to conclusions themselves. Nurturing a child’s lifelong love of learning is core to everything we do and we encourage resilience at every opportunity.