At Richmond Methodist School, we believe in providing opportunities for children to learn and enjoy activities of their interest outside the classroom. We have a comprehensive programme of enrichment which covers sporting, musical, economic and cultural activities all of which aim to develop the holistic skills of our children. 

 We are always looking to improve the clubs we offer and strongly value the feedback of our school community. 

 Our clubs are run at a different times of the day throughout the weel; this includes before school, lunchtime times and after-school clubs. The children are informed of clubs via the school’s sports noticeboard and during school assemblies.  

Timetable for School clubs for the Summer (1) Term 2020-2021

Day / Club Year group Teacher / Instructor Where Time Start date
Running Club 3-4 Mrs Lawson & Mrs Emmerson Running track lunchtime 26/4/21
 Cricket 3-4 Mr Larder



3.20-4.20 26/4/21
Gardening (30 max) 3-4 Mrs Swinbank Garden area 3.20-4.15 19/4/2021
Running Club 5-6 Mrs Welch & Mrs Tart



lunchtime 28/4/21


Multiskills (18 max)

1-2 Miss Collinson & Mrs Sisson Hall 3.10-4.15





5-6 Mrs Emmerson Field 3.30-4.30 28/4/21



5-6 Mrs Auger Playgound/ MUGA 3.30-4.30 28/4/21



Choir (25 max) 5-6 Mrs Wilford   12.30-1.00 29/4/21
Choir (25 max) 3-4 Mrs Wilford   1.15-1.45 29/4/21
Singing club (25 max) 1-2 Mrs Wilford   2-2.20 29/4/21
Gym ( 20 max) 3-4 Mrs Wilford Hall 3.20-4.15 29/04/21
Football 5-6

Mr Stockton, Mrs.Emmerson

& Miss Collinson



3.30-4.30 29/4/21
Running Club 1-2 Mrs Emmerson & Mr Larder



lunchtime 30/4/21

If your child wishes to apply for a place on a club please refer to the email sent out to all parents on 21st April 2021. There are links at the bottom of the email which will respond directly to the teacher in charge of the club. If your child wants to attend running club they can just attend, there is no sign up form as it is during the school day, outdoors and numbers are not restricted.

Please note that the above information is a general guide only and is subject to change, especially with regard to weather conditions for outdoor clubs and temporary lack of space.

The above clubs will run for the half term until 28/5/21, unless advised otherwise.

An email will be sent to parents to confirm if their child has or has not got a place.

We will compile a register for each club and keep you informed about cancellations of clubs.  If your child will not be attending a sessions for any reason please let us know.  If your child will be attending club and not be on the school bus please remember to let admin know.