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Welcome! Exciting news for 2020 – Our friendly, child-centred RMS Nursery is now up and running. Places available for Easter, September and January starts. Visits very welcome so come along and see our multi-sensory, ‘loose parts’ and creative minds learning approach! Places also still available for September 2020 in our Foundation. Please get in touch with our school office and we look forward to meeting you!

The Curriculum We Provide

The School Curriculum is structured to provide for the children’s needs at all stages of their development. This enables the children to progress at the pace at which they are capable, thus allowing for those periods when development is rapid and those when support and reinforcement is needed.

When children enter the school they continue to be in the Foundation Stage. This is an extension of their pre-school education and, as such, their classroom and curriculum reflects this. The children work towards their Early Learning Goals in a structured play environment which provides a transition between their pre-school setting and the infant classroom. Much emphasis is placed on their social and emotional development. However, early English and maths skills will also be developed, alongside their knowledge and understanding of the world.

In Years 1 and 2, the children work on the National Curriculum, with a particular focus on the Core Subjects of English, mathematics and science. The Foundation Subjects of ICT, history, geography, music, PE, art and design technology are also studied, usually as part of a topic, as well as RE and PSHCE (Religious Education and Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education). This phase of their education is called Key Stage 1 and the children are formally assessed at the end of Year 2 and their levels of attainment reported to you.

In Years 3-6, the children continue to work on a broad and balanced curriculum, with an increasing emphasis on teaching the Foundation subjects as discrete topics in their own right, though a thematic approach is frequently used. For example, though a Victorians project may be history-based, the children may attempt quilling, a Victorian technology, or base their art work on William Morris’ wallpaper. They may also study geography through Victorian exploration. Because we have mixed year group classes, topics are studied on a bi-annual basis to avoid repetition.

At the end of Year 6 (in May) the children take SATs (Standardised Attainment Tests) in English, maths and science and these results are communicated to parents along with the annual reports in the appropriate year.

The school has a programme of evaluation of its teaching and learning which ensures high quality provision. In this it is assisted by North Yorkshire Education Authority. The school also receives regular inspections by Ofsted, the Government’s quality assurance agency. A copy of the school's latest Ofsted report can be downloaded from our School Reports page. Alternatively, summaries of these reports are available to all from the school office free of charge, or a full version is available at the cost of £3.00. The Ofsted website can be found at the following address


Primary National Curriculum


Current recommended Apps (both Android and IOS, free or with a cost)

*Please note these are recommended by reputable sources external to the school. The school cannot claim responsibility for content nor suggest one product over another. We ask parents wanting to investigate apps, to choose the product that best fits their child’s needs. This is a list of suggestions only and is by no means, exhaustive.

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