EYFS Curriculum Planning

Our EYFS@RMS Yearly Planning Overview

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These learning walls demonstrate how our EYFS learning journey can form over time.

Our curriculum planning encompasses and is formed by, the children’s interests, appropriate language rich texts and the EYFS curriculum. Our yearly planning follows Seasons and Celebrations, as we investigate the world around us and particularly develop our own cultural capital here in Richmond, Yorkshire. We use White Rose Maths for the structure of our Mathematical teaching sequences with the aim of achieving mastery understanding and our R.E. Curriculum is taught in line with the rest of our whole school R.E. planning. As the rest of the school, we work towards the promotion of our whole school half termly focus value. In our P.S.H.E, we work within over-arching themes for each half term but also flexibly meet children’s immediate needs and development in this area. We term this our ‘responsive curriculum’. The over-arching, planned P.S.H.E. themes that we consider our ‘preventative’ curriculum are as follows.

EYFS P.S.H.E. Long term plan


Worship Year A 2020-2021 Generosity Compassion Courage Forgiveness Friendship Respect
Worship Year B 2021-22 Thankfulness Trust Perseverance Justice Service Truthfulness
Year   Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1   Summer 2

Why are we special?

I Belong

Super Me!

Why are other people special?

Is Good to Share

Fabulous Friends

How do we stay safe and healthy?

My  Marvellous Mind

How I feel

Changing Me

How can we look after each other, our community and our environment?

Look What I Can Do!

What will change as we go into Year 1 and what will stay the same?

Yes I can!